Moving during the Holidays?
11 December 2015

Moving during the Holidays?

The holidays can be a very stressful time of year for some families especially if you are moving. It can be a lot harder to get into the holiday spirit when you have a million things to do before the TWO big days (Christmas and moving day). It is important to be in a good mood, and stay sane while you are making the transition a little less stressful. Here are a few tips to reflect on.

If you want to be able to balance the holiday season and have a little time with your friends and family before you say goodbye, start planning now! Organization is key, start as soon as you can. If you need us to move you or if you are thinking about renting a storage unit, call as soon as you have a preferred date!

Like always, pack as soon as you have a moving date!

Moving is a great time to rummage through everything and get rid of things. Around this time of year charities will be accepting, food, clothing or toy donations.

When you decide to move with us you will have the opportunity to donate non-perishable food items before your move. We have partnered with ‘Move For Hunger’ and will be more than happy to assist you in donating unused food items. These items will be placed in a specifically marked ‘Move for Hunger’ box and be transported to a local food bank.

Take it Easy

If the stress of moving around the holiday season is adding tension to your every day life, take a break. Make time to relax with the family and enjoy a holiday activity you usually attend to every year. If you don’t end up attending, don’t feel guilty about it. As you know, this season may feel a little abnormal for your family. Create traditions by doing new activities that you can do with your family; go see a movie, go to a local restaurant you usually don’t go to, go to a local holiday event, go to a holiday baking class so there will be no mess at home or grab a hot chocolate and take a tour around your new neighbourhood looking at all the Christmas lights. A little effort will go a long way and will keep the holiday spirit alive even when it feels chaotic.

Put up a few decorations

The holidays are a time to be spent with your friends, kids and family, even though you are moving, it doesn’t mean your can’t decorate at all. There are many things you can do to decorate your home that doesn’t require a lot of work. Depending on how close your move date is to Christmas, you may want to wait to put up your tree until you are moved into your new home. You can simply put up a wreath or any decorations that remind you of a special memory. See more about decorations below.

Pack a holiday Box

Set aside a box or two specifically for holiday essentials. You can add simple decorations, music, stockings, candles or your favourite decorations that will keep the spirit alive. If you are planning on wrapping gifts do not forget the paper, bags, tape, scissors, bows, ribbon etc. A little will go a long way. The simplest things will make a major difference.

Keep your children’s spirits alive

Pack a few of your children’s toys, games, colouring books, books or holiday movies. Have these items in easy accessible. Perhaps that elf on the shelf would be a good idea around the holidays when you are moving? Moving can cause stress on kids as well, it is best to keep them as entertained as possible while you are getting things done.

Most importantly, make it fun. Remember you are moving, you will have plenty of time to unpack after the holidays. No matter what happens, everything will work out just fine. Take the time to enjoy the moving process and the holiday season. Focus on all the amazing memories you will be making with your family in your new home. We wish you all the best during the holiday season. Happy Holidays!!!




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