Top Moving Expenses that are Worth Every Penny!
23 September 2016

Top Moving Expenses that are Worth Every Penny!

Moving can be expensive and spending your money on the right things can help keep you on budget and make your move go smoothly and successfully. You will thank yourself after the move for spending your money on the right things. Read below for a list of moving expenses that will be worth every penny.


Moving Insurance

This you may or may not need for your move. It’s totally a personal preference. First of all, whether you purchase insurance or not, you should be provided with valuation. You and your moving consultant will agree on a predetermined liability limit, should any accidents or damage occur during your move. This will be included in your moving quotation at no extra cost to you, though it is not necessarily based on the value of your possessions. Valuation and/or cost of insurance for your move are determined in one of three ways:


Declared Value – In this case, the overall value of your possessions is determined by multiplying the total weight of the load you’re moving by a certain dollar amount. For example, your valuation might be $1.25 per pound. If everything you’re moving weighs 20,000 pounds, your total valuation will be $25,000. Liability will be determined based on devaluation of any damaged materials during the move.


Lump Sum Value (or Assessed Value) – This is a good option if your household items are not very heavy but are of great value. In this case, you’ll evaluate how much you believe your belongings to be worth, and you can purchase insurance at a predetermined rate per $1000 of value. You’ll need to make sure that this is declared in your moving contract if you choose this option.

Moving insurance is always a good idea, and with this information on the different types of valuations, you’ll be able to choose the best insurance type and the best level of coverage for you.

High Quality Packing Supplies

If you are doing your own packing, we recommend that you may want to use good quality used packing material, it is also a great way to save money. Make sure these used boxes are free from any rips, tears and holes in the cardboard. Make sure they can hold their shape well when taped up. Make sure to use packing tape, no masking tape! Invest in a dark coloured sharpie marker and bright coloured labels or green painters tape!

 If you want the best of the best packing material, we do sell boxes, paper and tape in every size for your move. Or, you can have us pack your belongings.


Choosing A Mover


Getting Your Home or Office Space Painted

Who wants to paint their home while moving? No matter how many times you have done it, it’s not quite the same as a professional. I’m sure you have a entire list of things to do other than painting. It’s best to have the painters come while the house or office space is empty.


Hiring Cleaners

A few weeks before your move, schedule a cleaning company to come clean your home. Have the cleaners come the day after you move out, that way everything is out of the house. Have your carpets cleaned, everything wiped down and appliances disposed (if necessary). It's a nice welcome home to the new owners to move into a clean and tidy home.


Tipping, Buying Food or Refreshments for Your Movers

Whether if it is buying the crew lunch or a cash tip at the end of the day (or perhaps both) they will notice that they have met your expectations.

As with any service you put your money into, you base your tip on job performance. If you think your crew was attentive, great at listening, helpful, professional and courteous, then give what you believe is a fair.

We also would like to hear how great our teams are in written or emailed notes. If you feel like they should be noticed email your moving consultant. We look forward to hearing from you. Happy Moving!



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