Avoid Packing with Garbage Bags
28 October 2016

Avoid Packing with Garbage Bags

Don't trick yourself into throwing your items into garbage bags while moving. Yes, they are flexible and hold a lot of stuff and easy to pack, they may be easy to carry and may save you time and money, but you may risk loosing your items. But wait, there are a lot of reasons to consider before you use all your garbage bags. We have listed some of the best ways to pack your things without using garbage bags.

Plastic bags including vacuum sealed bags, can permanently damage your belongings. If you are packing fabric and clothes their shape may never come back and may be forever crushed. If garbage bags are stored in a storage facility or in a dark damp room, mildew and growth may damage your items.

If you are packing clothing, gently stack your clothes in a neat stack in a box. Place heaviest items on the bottom. Depending on how much you have, clothes should be packed in a larger box such as a 5 cube. Hanging clothes should be packed into a wardrobe box. When hanging your clothing, use a rust free, preferably plastic (non-metal) hanger. AMJ wardrobe boxes come with a hanging bar and you can hang your clothing up, just like if you were putting clothes in a closet. If you need any type of boxes for packing, let us know and we can help you out. We supply the best quality packing supplies to our customers. If you don't feel comfortable packing some items yourself, talk to your professional relocation consultant about doing a pack.

If you are packing other items that you know will sit in storage for while, consider investing in high quality tote bins. They can be easily transported and can put up with more ware and tare than a garbage bag.


Our movers at AMJ find it much easier to load boxes rather than garbage bags. Garbage bags do not stack in a trailer, they also shift around while moving. No one wants to mistaken your garbage bags full of your personal belongings for garbage.


For all packing and moving tips see our other blog articles or call our office, 855.634.1040.


Happy Moving






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