Winter Driving Tips
16 December 2016

Winter Driving Tips

We know how stressful moving can be, but when you add in a crazy winter storm it can certainly become a massive challenge and can almost feel impossible. Your stress levels can go from bad to worse with a flick of a switch. Our family at AMJ Campbell, has been moving families, businesses, agencies since 1934. We have dedicated ourselves to providing relocation services built on trust and integrity.We are committed to making your move as smooth and stress-free as possible even through winter storms across the globe.  We want you to be completely satisfied with your experience. If you are moving during the winter months, you can 99.9% trust us to get your goods from origin to destination safely. Today, we have decided to share some of the best winter driving tips based on our experience. No matter if you are a driver for a moving company, a customer or just want to look at some tips before you travel this winter. These tips apply to EVERYONE!



Tip 1: “Do not Text and Drive!”

The holidays are a busy time, especially for scheduling and arranging get-togethers with friends and family. Distracted driving, such as use of mobile devices, has surpassed impaired driving as the number one cause of collisions or near crashes. If you feel the need to multi-task while driving to text or phone your loved ones, here are some tips to avoid the temptation:

  • Call or text before you get on the road or after you arrive safely.
  • Put your phone out of reach while driving, for example in your glove compartment or on the back seat.
  • Set your phone to Mute, put it in ‘do not disturb’ mode or turn it off completely while driving.


Tip 2: “Drive to the Conditions!”

You might have been taught in the past to “obey the posted speed limit”, while this is true it is also false. You should always drive according to the conditions you are faced with. During the holiday season, we will be doing plenty of friends and family visits. Leave early to allow you extra time and to adjust your speed to the conditions of the road. In most instances that means SLOW DOWN.

  • Weather Conditions (rain, snow, ice, fog, hail etc).
  • Road Conditions (unpaved surfaces, construction zones, bumpy roads, single lanes, winding roads etc).
  • Other Drivers Conditions ( sharing the road with other users and being a cooperative driver).



Tip 3: “Install Winter Tires on your Vehicle!”

You have probably heard time and time again about installing winter tires on your vehicle, but it’s the truth you really should! If you haven’t installed winter tires on your vehicle for the winter season you should strongly consider doing so. Winter tires are made with a different rubber compound, these tires give you better traction but also excel when temperatures drop, they don’t harden as fast or easily as summer or all season tires would.

  • Install ALL 4 winter tires not just 2.
  • Some insurance companies may alter your insurance rate if you have winter tires installed.
  • Safer for you as a driver as you have better braking and handling capabilities.



Tip 4: “Do not Drink and Drive, Get A Ride!”

After all the casualties and incidents in the past, the message still has not got through to everyone. There is nothing wrong with going out,having drinks and having a good time, just do yourself and everyone else a favour and do not get behind the wheel of a vehicle. You are not only putting your life at risk but each and every person around you. Not only that, but it is extremely irresponsible and reckless! This holiday season there will be many ride programs in check all throughout the day to make sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday, don’t ruin it for anyone.



Tip 5: “Remove Snow from your Vehicle Before Driving!”

You know it’s cold outside when you see and hear the cars running in your neighbours’ driveway in the morning.  Everyone starts their car to let it warm up so you aren’t freezing while you drive. Waiting for the car to warm up gives you time to do a very important task: Remove all loose snow off your vehicle including the side windows, all lights and the roof! As you drive, you do not want to send snow or chucks of ice flying off your vehicle into someone behind you. This can be very hazardous for all users of the road. At one point or another, we have all probably witnessed something like this happen and realized how dangerous it can be. Clearing off the snow only takes a moment and can result in a safer commute for yourself and other road users.

  • Pull snow in a straight line off the vehicle. Do not push the snow. It will reduce the likelihood of scratches.
  • It is easier to remove snow and ice once the vehicle is warm because the underside has begun to melt.



Tip 6: “Obey the Move Over Law!”

This is an important law to protect those operating emergency vehicles that are off to the side of the road or on the shoulder of a roadway. The law was recently updated and now also includes tow trucks with their flashing lights on. Simply put, as the operator of your vehicle you should slow down, move over at least one lane and approach the scenario with caution.


Tip 7: “Be Cautious for Black Ice when Driving!”

One of the most fearful aspects of winter driving is the dreaded patches of black ice. Black ice gets its name because the layer of ice forms a slick clear coating over the road surface which it makes near impossible to spot as you approach it. You are never entirely safe when driving over black ice until you fully pass through and over it.

To learn some great safety tips on how to drive with black ice conditions please visit:



Tip 8: “Avoid Backing Whenever Possible”

Reversing your vehicle is more dangerous than operating your vehicle in a forward motion. Reversing reduces visibility, requires you to constantly check blind spots and mirrors and at times you may have to rotate your body side to side to view certain angles. We want to limit the motion of operating your vehicle in reverse as much as physically possible.

  • Pull through and into a parking spot in a parking lot.
  • Drive ahead an extra block to make a safe turn rather than reverse.
  • Assure all rear lights are in working order so you can notify people around your intentions if you do have to reverse.



Tip 9: “Just Stay Home!”

If worst comes to worst, just stay home and postpone everything until the storm is finished. 


Drive safely out there and best of luck to everyone moving this winter!



Post written by, Scott Gordanier U.E. CSO, Corporate Fleet and Safety Manager AMJ Campbell


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