Questions to Ask Before Moving Office Spaces
13 January 2017

Questions to Ask Before Moving Office Spaces

Answers from a Long Distance Moving Company

There are many facets to moving existing office space, whether large or small. The more people that are involved, the more confusing things can become. Asking a few questions up front and doing your research can really help move things along smoothly (pun intended). Some of these questions will be asked to yourself, some to your staff and finally some to the local movers you choose. A successful office relocation depends on if and when you answer these questions.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Some of the organization will be fairly easy. You want to provide a general checklist and review it often with staff. Have you communicated the move to them already? If not, when will you? Did you go through the proper bidding process or other procedures before hiring the moving company? Is there anything you overlooked as far as the procurement requirements?

Questions to Ask Your Staff

Along the way, you will most certainly receive many questions about the move from various employees. Do your best to be patient and answer whatever you are can to keep them reassured about the upcoming move. Keep them busy by giving them a to-do list and sharing the checklist that you previously made. Ask them to help out by working to secure and organize their personal work stations. They should be able to clear out any out dated files and recycle or trash unwanted items.

Also ask your staff members to help pack up and clear out common office areas. Lavatories, cafeterias and supply rooms will need to be organized and boxed. An overseas moving company suggests having contests to see how can get their own areas boxed up first. Ask your staff what incentives would get them going.

Questions to Ask Ontario Movers

If you are using an international moving company, they may or may not have specific representatives assigned to your move. Ask if they have named local movers to assist with your office relocation.  If they have, make connections with those professional representatives and discuss your move. Ask what services they provide and if there are extra fees for those products or services. Most Ontario movers will supply boxes, packing tape and packing materials. Depending on the contract agreement, there may be an additional fee for these items.

Likewise, ask the moving company about what services are included in your move. How many representatives will be available to move boxes and heavier office equipment? Based on the amount of items to be moved, how many trucks are needed? The professional movers can help you organize and calculate the volume of boxes and determine how long the move should take. Of course, this will depend upon the office staff cooperating and being prepared for the move.

Does the overall estimate fit into your deadline? Are they willing to perform the office relocation on weekends or during the evening to avoid downtime? If so, is there an overtime rate associated with the move?

Make sure to ask all of these questions when selecting a long distance moving company. Remember again, always ask for a quote.


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