Moving in the Rain
04 April 2017

Moving in the Rain

The spring rain is officially here. For everyone moving please stay safe and be cautious! Some people may think that a little rain won’t hurt anyone but when you are moving that is not the case. Wet weather can cause slippery, hazardous conditions especially when it is cool.

The floor in the moving trailer and ramps will be slippery! Rain and cold weather can ruin your boxes and packing tape may no longer be sticky. To solve this problem try your best to keep them dry. Do not leave cardboard boxes where they can soak up water and wrap items that may suffer rain damage.

Here are a few tips for keeping your belongings safe in the wet spring months. We want to help you prepare for your next spring move.

  1. Wear proper attire

Waterproof gear will be your safest option for keeping dry. You should always wear sneakers or boots and never any open-toed shoes, as these can pose a hazard when working with heavy objects. Wear proper footwear with slip-resistance soles that will prevent you from falling. Dress warmly, as the temperatures are likely to be cooler in the morning during the spring. Layer your outfit so that you can take layers off as the temperature rises throughout the day. Wear a suitable length pant that won’t be dragging when you are moving things around. Also, make sure to take off your shoes once you enter the home to keep the floors from getting wet.

  1. Protecting your boxes and valuables

When your mover is moving your boxes from house to the truck they don’t be shocked if they get a little wet. You can try your best to make sure they are covered but when they are inside the house safe from the rain ensure to unpack them as soon as you can. For your mattresses and box springs, we can supply you with mattress bags. It will be a valuable investment particularly for a rainy day.

  1. Keep a towel handy

Absorbent cloths or towels are helpful when walking in and out of your home. Wipe up any residue to reduce slipping hazards. Rain or shine, we will always provide floor runners that will protect your floors from getting damaged while we move you.


If you have anymore questions regarding your move. Please call us at 855.634.1040! 


Happy Moving! 


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